Get The Inside Story

Thinking of Renovating? Buying a new home? Not sure what’s going on with your pipes? Our team is here to help.

Let us take the guess work out of your drainage problems with our CCTV drainage inspection services. We come prepared with the latest technology ready to inspect and locate any drainage problem you have.

Give the experts a call and get the inside story on your drains.


Whether its a blocked drain or a broken pipe the correct diagnosis is essential to getting fast and effective results.

Our teams have the latest technology to allow us to visually inspect your drains and accurately diagnose what the problem is and provide effective solutions to resolve the problem.

Are you thinking or renovating, putting in a pool or landscaping? Get Pipe Doctor to inspect and locate your drainage systems. This will save you time, money and give you piece of mind knowing exactly when you system is and what condition its in.

Buying a home? Get Pipe Doctor to inspect the drains before you purchase so you can ensure you don’t purchase someone else’s problems. We have the latest technology in CCTV drainage inspection equipment so we can provide you with a complete high resolution, colour assessment of your drainage system. That way you know what lies beneath the property allowing you to buy with confidence or walk away from a nightmare.

So if you want the inside story on your drainage system give the experts a call and get it inspected.