Repair It Without The Digging

Are your pipes damaged or broken? Are they on poor condition? Don’t dig up your garden and pull apart your home, our team is here to help.

Our pipe relining service offers you a long term, cost effective solution to intrusive excavations and replacement of damaged pipes.

We can repair your pipes from above the ground, so no digging, damage or mess required.

Give the experts a call and let us repair your pipes without the digging.


Whether its broken, leaking or causing you headaches Pipe Doctor is here to help. Our pipe relining service is simple, fast and cost effective, long term solution to repairing your pipes without the digging.

Using our drain inspection service we get the inside story of what’s going on in your pipes. But what if we find that your problem is under your landscaped garden, pool, house or driveway? Our pipe relining service is the solution.

Our teams use the latest technological solution to rehabilitating damaged drains without the need for costly and damaging excavations. It works by inserting a patented liner with an epoxy resin inside your existing pipe and forcing it to the sides of the pipe using compressed air. Once the resin has cured it forms a brand new pipe within a pipe, with all the properties and reliability of a replacement pipe, but without the cost and time of digging.

Our pipe relining service minimises interruptions to you with most relining job being completed within the same a day. Once we’ve left the premises you drains are ready to use with no need for concreters, gardeners, landscapers or follow-up to repair the property afterwards.

So if you need your pipes repaired without the digging or mess give the experts a call and get a quote.