Kill The Roots But Not The Trees

Tree roots blocking up your drains? Love your trees but not what they do to your sewer? Our team is here to help.

We not only clear tree roots blockages from your sewers but we can also guarantee* you wont have them again. Our Vaporooter treatment will kill the roots, while being completely safe for children, pets and plants.

Give the experts a call and eliminate tree root blockages in your sewers drain.


Did you know that once tree roots enter your sewer line they will continue to be an ongoing problem? Cutting tree roots is the same as pruning your trees, it promotes the re-growth and your sewer is the perfect fertiliser for them re-grow and cause another blockage.

Our Sewer Root Control Program is the most effective, economical and convenient method to remove intruding and prevent future root damage. Specifically developed to control tree roots growth in sewer lines, Vaporooter has been getting proven results in sewer systems world wide for over 40 years and is completely safe for children, pets and plants.

how the program works

First we will clear your drains using the latest technology in high-pressure water jetting and then use our CCTV drain inspection to get a clear assessment of your drains and the condition of your pipes. This ensures your drains are clean from dirt, blockages and that all the roots have be cut ready for Vaporooter application.

We will then schedule a follow up in 6-8 weeks and apply our Vaporooter foaming agent by pumping the foam into your sewer drains. Over the following weeks, the roots incursions die and wash away with the waste water without causing further blockages and inconvenience to you.

Once we have applied Vaporooter to your sewer we guarantee that you will not have another tree root blockage in your sewer system for 12 months.

what happens next

After your initial application you can rest easy knowing that your sewer drains will be free from tree roots for the next 12 months and that our friendly team will contact you and schedule your annual treatment so its one less thing for you to worry about

Our annual treatments mean that each year we will conduct a CCTV drain inspection of your sewer drains before we apply Vaporooter that way you each year you get a up to date inspection of your drains. This regular, proactive program is a cost effective way to eliminate tree root blockages and extend the life of your sewer drains.

So if you to eliminate tree root blockages in your sewer drains give the experts a call and get with the program.