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The Pipe Doctor has operators on call 24 hours 7 days a week to solve all your blocked drainage issues. We pride ourselves on prompt, reliable services. Our units are fully equipped with all the tools to clean and inspect your drains.


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Blocked Drains  

Pipe Doctor has the solution to not only clear your blocked drain but to ensure it stays clear. We will use our specialised drain cleaning and inspection equipment to clear all types of drainage blockages and assess the condition of the pipe. This ensures that we can get the prescription right to give you peace of mind that you will not have the inconvenience of reoccurring blockages.

We live by our motto, “Blocked Drains Cleared Fast”, by providing same day service to minimise disruption to you.  Call us today to make you blocked drains go away.

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Drain Inspection

Whether you’re purchasing a new house or just wanting to know the condition of you’re existing drainage systems, Pipe Doctor can give you the inside story on your pipes. Pipe Doctor has a suite of specialised cameras to inspect all pipe types and sizes to determine the condition and locate any areas of damage. Pipe Doctor can ensure that you don’t purchase someone else’s drainage problems.

Call Pipe Doctor today to take the guess work out of your drainage problems with their CCTV Drain Inspection Service.

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Pipe Relining

After determining the cause of your pipe blockage Pipe Doctor can repair your damaged pipes without the need for digging. Pipe Doctors Pipe Relining service offers a long term, cost effective solution for replacing your damaged pipes without the need to dig up your garden, house or driveway.

Call Pipe Doctor today to discuss how we can repair your damaged pipe without the mess.


Sewer Root Tree Control

Pipe Doctor not only clears tree roots from your sewer we can also guarantee you no inconvenient sewer blockages due to tree roots.  Vaporooter is a safe method of killing tree roots out of sewer pipes without harming your trees , we have so much confidence in our product we guarantee no blockages due to tree roots for 12 months.

Call Pipe Doctor  today to discuss how our Vaporooter Sewer Treatment  can eliminate your tree root blockages and extend the life of your pipes.